Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Agricultural Economy    B.Sc.
2    Training    B.Sc.
3    Management and Accounting    B.Sc.
4    Economy & Marketing    B.Sc.
5    Engineering Economics    B.Sc.
6    Sustainable Agriculture    B.Sc.
7    Farm and Livestock Mangements    B.Sc.
8    Traning - II    B.Sc.
9    Accounting Principles in the agrichltural units    B.Sc.
10    Management of agricultural units    B.Sc.
11    Financial Management    B.Sc.
12    Agricultural Marketing Productis    B.Sc.
13    Economics of Agricultural Production    B.Sc.
14    Farm Accounting    B.Sc.
15    Mathematical Economic    B.Sc.
16    Evaluating of Agricultural Plans    B.Sc.
17    Application of Computer in Agricultural Economic    B.Sc.
18    Research methodology in Agroecology Economics    B.Sc.
19    Project    B.Sc.
20    Analysis of Agricultural Machinary Systems    M.Sc.
21    Complementary agricultural production Economics    M.Sc.
22    Agricultural Risk Management    M.Sc.
23    Application of Mathematical Programming in Agriculture    M.Sc.
24    Financing in agriculture    M.Sc.
25    Application of Mathematical Programming in Agriculture    M.Sc.
26    Agricultural cooperative Economics    M.Sc.
27    Seminar    M.Sc.
28    Application of mathematical programers in farm management    Ph.D
29    Advanced agricultural production Economic    Ph.D
30    Advanced Management of agricultural units    Ph.D